Mikael Fernström
Soundscape snippets
Sound recordings, wav-files
Ecological Sounds, collection of 104 everyday sounds
download (49MB)
Fluid sounds, collection of 11 water sounds, filling and emptying bottles.
download (13MB)
Crackling ice cubes , collection of 12 sounds
download (29MB)
Pouring sugar into jar, collection of 9 sounds
download (10MB)
Pouring peas into jar, collection of sounds
download (9MB)

Binaural experiment, recorded with a Neumann KU-100, a collection of 3 sounds:

  • ba-bells001 and ba-bells002 is jingling of some small bells around the head.
  • haircut is the sound of scissors around the head.
download (11MB)
Blackbird - recorded in my garden
download (1.2MB)
Short ecological sounds - recorded for Eoin's experiment
download (3.6MB)
Pure Data (PD) models
Blip - sounds like an ECG
download (4KB)
Photon-drive - well, that is what it may sound like
download (4KB)
Shannon Portal - the sound we used to give users activity feedback.
download (4KB)
Wind - sound like wind blowing.
download (4KB)
Rain drops
download (4KB)
Sea birds
download (4KB)
Pitch shifter - from mic input to output.
download (4KB)
Gravelizer - rough friction
download (4KB)
Tick-Tock clicks
download (4KB)
CAO Workshop 2012 slides
download (852KB)
CAO Workshop 2012 examples
download (1.5MB)
Softday sample player V02B
download (17KB)
"It's always tomorrow, somewhere"