Mikael Fernström
DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for any code or design here. They are all explorations, work-in-progress and scribbles from some of my activities. If you find anything of this useful, let me know.
Flash, ActionScript
Simple intro. 4 buttons, move a graphic symbol, change colour of a graphic symbol
Clock analog, digital, start, stop reset
Escaping button
mp3 player using playlist in xml file
Glass filling animation with controls for fill/empty and speed
Balloon, inflating and popping, sound
Soundblobs, mp3 playing via xml file, dynamic interaction
Myvideo03, play and wobble 4 video loops, one follows the cursor.
Flash -> PD communication via sockets
Flash simple music player
Pure Data (PD)/GEM
Some ways to play sound
"It's always tomorrow, somewhere"