Biofeedback instruments.

Biometrix - biodeefack instrument


In collaboration with Jüri Vaba of the Alfa-institute in Gothenburg, I developed a new range of electronic instruments for measurement and giving biofeedback, both visual and auditory. In 1979, Jüri's concepts were new and the emerging range of instruments were unique.


What became labelled as the Biometrix range of instrumnets were all battery powered and with a sensitivity from 0.1 µV to 500 mV. A time-threshold was one of the novelties, which improved how feedback was given to users.

First generation Biometrix

First generation

Mikael showing the first generation Biometrix instruments, which could be called "desktop" or clinical version.

Second generation Biometrix

Second generation

The second generation Biometrix were wearable and had a separate digital processing unit.


“Mikael is an outstanding problem solver. Based on  some new concepts I was thinking about, several engineers explained that it could not be done with available technology. After a week, Mikael had created a prototype to test and it worked perfectly. Another completely new measurement technique took me 3-4 hours to describe for him and then there was a prototype a few weeks later. It became a joint patent.”

Jüri Vaba, Director, Alfa-institute