Mikael Fernström : Artist


Since 1999, I have been collaborating with Sean Taylor, a science-art collaboration we named Softday.

Nature's Little Crafts

I collaborate with Tracey King as Nature's Little Crafts. We create arts and crafts from local materials in Ballydehob, West Cork, Ireland. Materials range from Textile (wool, spinning, felting), Ceramics, Wood and Metal. We are inspired by nature and working with nature.


I play a number of instruments and I compose music.

I make sound art.


Some example of artefacts

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Musical mechanism

I designed a musical mechanism for installation at the Sirius Art Centre in Cobh "All Things Are Not Quiet Silent" (part of a Softday project). The charming thing about this work is that it is completely mechanical.

When visitors push the red button the musical composition, based on water pollution data in Cork harbour, is played.

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Paper jam

It just had to be done.

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A double pendulum that goes through chaotic motion when pushed out of equilibrium.

Material: Perspex, roller bearings, bolts, plywood, acrylic paint.

Exhibited at the Limerick School of Art and Design, February 2015.

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A quincunx, or Galton board, that sorts soy beans into a normal distribution.

Material: 3D-printed PLA, Perspex, wood.

Exhibited at the Limerick School of Art and Design, February 2015.

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Nuclear hand warmer

An improvement of the medieval hand warmer, using a nano-reactor instead of coal to warm the owner’s hands. Inspired by HCM 159 in the Hunt Museum in Limerick.

Material: Soldered copper wire with the heating element suspended in a gold gimbal mechanism.

Exhibited in the Hunt Museum, May - June 2015.

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Explorations in 3D-printing.